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'God counts the stars and calls them all by name.’ Psalm 147:4

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Forest School

Forest School is designed to enhance and compliment our day to day curriculum in Foundation Stage. It offers all our children opportunities to develop confidence, self-esteem, and to experience achievement, every Wednesday in Rearsby.

Taking part in Forest School activities have been proven to:

* Increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of individuals who take part.
* Improve an individual’s ability to work co-operatively and increases their awareness of others.
* Counter a lack of motivation and negative attitude to learning.
* Encourage ownership and pride in the local environment.
* Encourage an improved relationship with, and better understanding of, the outdoors.
* Increase the skills and knowledge of the individuals who take part.
* Encourage and teach children to manage risk, through using tools, equipment and making and using fires.

(O’Brian. L, Murray. 2006. A Marvellous Opportunity for children to Learn. Forest Research)